Nightly rough ride in the mohrenstrabe

nightly rough ride in the mohrenstrabe

What does the technical relief organization actually have to do with trench construction?? The question may sound strange at first. In the case of mohrenstrabe, however, in the night of friday, the connection was made in a very obvious way. Because without the THW, the nighttime tree removal in mohrenstrabe between mohrenbrucke and hindenburgstrabe could probably not have gone so smoothly.

THW lights out
Finally, the THW provided almost daylight illumination on the approximately 120 meter long trench. After the abundantly damaged surface course had already been rubbed down in the morning, the real work started at 8 p.M. In just two hours, the construction company from the kronach region laid the new asphalt surface. At around 10 p.M., the work was completed and the heavy machines were already stowed away again on the transport trailers. Until the morning there was enough time for the new surface to harden.

New driving experience without potholes

Despite temperatures around freezing point, laying the new four-centimeter-thick pavement was no problem, explained gerhard knoch, head of department at coburg's waste disposal and construction company (CEB), in the run-up to the project.
During the morning rush hour, motorists were able to test the new pavement right away – without annoying cracks and deep potholes.

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