Maypole theft – an exhausting tradition

Maypole theft - an exhausting tradition

In the night of 30. April to 1. May, people dance and celebrate, put up maypoles. In most communities this is simply a ceremony, but in lindau this tradition is still very much alive. And it is stolen. Patrick muller (24) has taken extra vacation time to keep the custom alive. For days now, "conspiratorial" meetings have been taking place in his garden shed meet instead of. "Our maypole is safe. Nothing happens. Although some have already been there and scouted out. But they should only come." Muller is sure, in view of the 20-headed guard team, that there are no intermediate traps. Besides, the monster weighs a good 800 kilos, and it's not easy to remove such a proud tree anyway.

The whole town celebrates
in lindau, the tree will be cut down on 30. April pulled up. The whole village comes together and celebrates. The community of interests is part of the party, the singing club sings. It's just tough and nice. To make sure everything goes smoothly, the people of lindau have spent the last night beating their brains out – with beer, spezi, water, limo and pizza. Women are also involved.

At the age of 39, burkhard hartmann is only occasionally part of the party; his son leon (12) is usually there. Exactly it hartmann no longer, but since the 90s is the maypole stealing in lindau again so really trendy. "The first tree we stole was the trebgaster tree. He was lying in a wooden hat, and we just lifted him out of the window and carried him around the village on our shoulders", he remembers and must still laugh today. Because the trebgasters didn't want the tree anymore.
Hartmann also remembers the theft of the harsdorf tree. It was stolen from a hall in sandreuth. "We found out by spying", he amuses himself.

Patrick muller has been involved since 2009. "It's just a simple need, to steal the maypole and put it up", says muller, who came up with an ingenious idea during his first day with his team: to hide it particularly securely, the maypole was buried about one meter deep with an excavator. "We wrapped it in a tarpaulin so that nothing would happen – and then took it out again safely."

The mafia struck
This trick was simply unbelievable for the other needy clubs in the area. The legendary maypole mafia struck in lindau the very next year. "They dug up the maypole with shovels, just at the time when we ourselves were stealing it in harsdorf.", muller still smiles today. He remembers the demands exactly: "they wanted new shovels, ten crates of beer and vouchers. That was too much for us, so we quickly fetched a new tree."
For the thieves of lindau six crates of beer and bread are the absolute pain threshold. "The demands must not be excessive. That must still be spab, and stealing may also only someone who has himself a maypole", muller insists on the rules.

Heart palpitations included
The lindauers shot the bird in 2012. Because two of them let themselves be locked up in a hall. "Then the farmer came and drove the machines in. But we stayed inside", one of the spies describes the situation and openly admits that such an action can give you palpitations. "At night we have then called the others and have opened the hall and could in all peace the tree abtransportiert. "The tree was freshly painted, our hands were still sticking for a long time", the people of lindau are amused by the action. But they were confronted at the exit – and an agreement was reached for three crates of beer …

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