“Jumbo” is the locomotive of the month

The locomotive of the month september of the german steam locomotive museum in neuenmarkt is the heavy good train steam locomotive 44276. They themselves, their "life and its service as well as the history of the entire class 44 will be presented on friday, 2. September, at 5 p.M. In the ringlok shed of the DDM specially illuminated.
The first ten locomotives were purchased by the german reichsbahn as early as 1926. One of their first operational routes was the frankenwaldbahn, for which they were stationed at the pressig-rothenkirchen depot.

Almost 2000 copies

Series production then began eleven years later and ended only after almost 2000 locomotives had been built.
The 44 series was used for heavy good train service, for which it was ideally suited with its almost 2000 hp. She loves nothing to stand still, and staff and railroad enthusiasts have given her the nickname "jumbo".
After the second world war, the class 44 was the backbone of heavy good train service on both german state railways until the end of the traction transition, i.E., the changeover of train requirements from steam to diesel and electric locomotives.

In the steam locomotive museum since 1975

Both railroads equipped some of the locomotives with oil firing, the DB in the west equipped some more locomotives with automatic stoker firing. The "reichsbahn" in the former GDR even equipped some 44s with a coal dust firing system, in order to be able to burn the lignite used there for the heaters gently.
The museum locomotive 44 276, built in 1940 by krauss-maffei in munich, arrived with its own power on the 4th of april. October 1975 from her last assignment near weiden to the museum.
Friday’s event ends with the photo-ready presentation of the locomotive after about an hour and a half.

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