Gysi & co. Make a strong case for the brandenstein level

Gysi & co. Make a strong case for the brandenstein level

Who would have thought it: the federal government is confronted with the issue of coburg’s traffic landing field! The reason for this is a question from ten members of the bundestag from the "die linke" (the left) parliamentary group led by gregor gysi. They asked for information on various aspects of the project. The central point is: why is the new construction of an airfield planned, when the existing airfield on the coburg brandenstein plain is – according to the left – very well suited for the future??

Bayreuth as a role model
the leftists support their thesis with the following consideration: after the reconstruction, the brandenstein airfield would have a so-called approach light of 150 meters in length. 420 meters was actually in line with the guidelines. However, under the condition that the plans for the construction of a new airfield near neida be pushed forward, this 150-meter lot was at least granted an exemption that is limited until the end of 2019. The leftists wonder, however, why the airfields in bayreuth and allendorf/eder also have approach lights that are only 150 meters long and short, respectively – and yet both airfields have been granted unlimited exemptions.

"We have been following these airport discussions in the coburg area for several years now", uwe witt told the tageblatt yesterday. He is a research assistant to eva bulling-schroter, the member of the bundestag in charge of the left-wing motion. "We have delved deeply into the subject matter", declared witt. He also conceded that there was "constant dialogue" between the two companies to stand both with the party friends on the spot and the corresponding citizen initiatives. Because a plea for the brandenstein level is of course also a "no" to a new building that many people in the neida area are fighting against.

"Consideration turned backwards"
and how does gysi’s advance& co. At the "projektgesellschaft verkehrslandeplatz coburg" (project company for the coburg airfield) that will drive the construction of a new airport? "Our goal is to build an airfield for the region that complies with the directive", managing director willi kuballa first states the basic principle. However, he does not believe that this goal can be achieved permanently at the brand level: "this is and will remain a crisis!"

Furthermore, kuballa warns not to orientate oneself too much on the currently still valid guidelines. The european union is planning to tighten up certain directives for air traffic. In other words: even if one could now believe that the brandenstein level could somehow be made to conform to the guidelines, it could look completely different in two years’ time. "It’s all far too uncertain, kuballa emphasizes and speaks out against "backward-looking considerations" like the one on the left from.

Next stage of the project company, in which the city and county of coburg, the chamber of industry and commerce, and companies "astonishingly good" the opening of the planning approval process for a new airfield near neida has been announced. "We now have about 70 percent of the documents together", so willi kuballa. To get the remaining 30 percent, among other things, building ground surveys are still required; but these were stopped recently because some owners do not love the planners on their land: "although we already had the verbal commitments for this in part", as willi kuballa points out. Nevertheless, he now estimates that the application documents required for a zoning procedure will be complete in the fall, or perhaps just after the summer break.

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