Freizeit-land: overnight stays not excluded in the future

On 29. June 1969 it all started – at that time still as a bird-pony-fairy park. After the mensinger family’s ara, matthias molter bought the park in 2017. Since then, the leisure park has undergone a major redesign. This will not change in the years to come – the new owner still has a lot of plans. The rough target: promotion to one of the top five amusement parks in germany.

Question: as an amusement park you are dependent on the weather – where do you get the best forecasts??

Matthias molter: many weather services offer quite reliable weather forecasts. Ultimately, however, you have to listen to your gut feeling, because unfortunately there is never 100 percent certainty.

How satisfied are you with the weather in your anniversary year??

Molter: you have to take the weather as it comes. Regarding the summer of 2019, I can say that it has offered quite balanced weather. Now we hope for an equally balanced autumn for the halloween season.

How would you describe the park when you bought it? Hit it thorny sleep?

Molter: when i took over the park in 2017, it was more like the indomitable beast that has become more and more like the prince. But i like the comparison with the thornroses sleep. The numerous rebuilds in the park have enabled us to experience many areas in a new way and, in my opinion, to improve them.

What exactly has changed under your direction so far??

Molter: I was not only able to improve many things in the park, but also to tackle the redesign of various themed areas, which had been long awaited by visitors. This is how the first themed area in horrorland began and was continued the following year with the pirate themed area. I am particularly proud of the park expansion through the asia area, which started in 2019 . The kite bay invites not only visually but also culinary to linger.

What investments are we talking about?

Molter: construction never stands still in an amusement park. There were eight-figure investments, especially in the new kite bay. I was able to establish not only a new restaurant offering asian food, but also more rides, playgrounds, and a gold panning facility.

How will the changes or. Innovations accepted by visitors?

Molter: very good, we have steadily increasing visitor numbers and annual ticket sales. But most of all we are happy about the increase in halloween event days.

What were the promotions for the 50th anniversary?. Birthday?

Molter: we had distributed birthday coupons with discounts. We also raffled off 555 free tickets. And we can imagine to start a new birthday promotion for halloween.

What actions are still in the pipeline for the final spurt??

Molter: bavaria’s biggest halloween event awaits our visitors.

The most visited day of the anniversary year was…

Molter: …That must have been christi himmelfahrt.

How many people work in the park when it is in full operation?

Molter: the recreation land provides a job for more than 150 employees. We are currently looking for new staff for the next season. Especially in the technical and driving business, the diversified work makes the leisure land an attractive employer.

What all does a modern amusement park need to have?

Molter: i believe that a modern amusement park needs a good team, a variety of rides and a well-balanced show program. If you then have a little patience and the courage to change things, you are well prepared.

Your vision of geiselwind in ten years time?

Molterin ten years, I would like to continue to change a lot of things in leisureland to offer visitors an adventurous and varied time. I would like to be one of the five best german amusement parks in the next ten years – and maybe have my own overnight resort by then.

Since this year there is a new parking system against payment – has it been preserved?

Molter: we did not reinvent the park system. Many parks have similar systems. Here we were able to profit a lot from the experience and implement it appropriately for us.

The flamingo theft made headlines – how did you react??

Molter: when i heard about this incident i had to smile at first. I couldn’t really believe it. The second thought I had, however, was a financial one. It takes a lot of money and effort to bring back the flamingos, which are so popular with visitors and often photographed, to their former herd size.

Visitors recently had to be rescued from the stuck top of the world by helicopter. What was the trigger for the incident?

Molter: since we work closely with the rescue service, the BRK and the tuv, we have been able to rehearse the emergency several times and develop special rescue guidelines. The use of high rescue was necessary because the sensitive safety mechanisms at the top of the world had intervened. Naturally, we were relieved when we received the news of the complete rescue without any recognizable injuries. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the helpers and wish all those who have been stuck that they could quickly come to terms with what they have experienced.

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