Driving bans demanded for violent football fans

Bavarian interior minister joachim herrmann has spoken out in favor of a six-month driving ban for violent fans in the debate about riots at soccer stadiums. "Having to leave your car for half a year can be more painful for such violent offenders than a high fine", the CSU's top candidate for the federal elections told the "welt" (monday).

The authorities knew that the perpetrators were often not hartz IV recipients, but people who drove expensive cars, according to herrmann. "In bavaria, we have already recommended this approach to the judiciary. Also in other federal states such driving bans should be pronounced. Those who beat people recklessly do not belong in a stadium or behind the steering wheel."

Alienation between fans and professional soccer violence in football stadiums must be "punished more severely". Every violent hooligan at football should be identified, tried and punished. "I am sure that this will have an effect", said the CSU politician.

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