Conigs visit the seniors

The members of the KAB, who in the past decades have organized the big senior citizens’ day for the citizens over 70 years of age, have made a great contribution to the general success of this event. The guests who organized and carried out the event were able to sit down as guests in the parish hall on the day of the epiphany and enjoy themselves. The "call for help of the KAB chairman oskar hein, who last year had called for energetic support of the senior citizens’ day by new, younger employees, did not go unheeded. Mayor harald hofmann and the community have certainly made a decisive contribution to the generally acclaimed success of the event. Hofmann would like to list the number of helpers needed for the extensive work of preparation, implementation and clean-up after the holiday. He also motivated the many local clubs in nudlingen and haard to volunteer their support for the senior citizens’ day. Nearly 30 clubs each sent two helpers.

Several organizational structures of the KAB were retained, such as the fact that there is an annual change of musical entertainment. This year, the original altenberg musicians and the mixed choir of the "eintracht" were present from haard in the row. The inspiring and contemplative words of the catholic and evangelical clergy, as well as from the political sphere, were also kept. As a belated christmas present the guests received free food and drink.

To the musical mood set by the altenberg musicians (conducted by janusch duda) and the mixed choir of the haard "eintracht" (harmony) under the direction of eva duda, the speech of mayor harald hofmann followed, welcoming everyone to hieb. Guides to aging are widely available on the book market today. Even optimistic views were among them, such as "no, I don’t want a senior citizen’s plate" or "grow old without being old." But the mayor added: "when you’re old, you’re old". No false optimism will help". The transition did not come all at once, but little by little. In a way, everyone likes to stay young, especially in good looks. The youth literature and the music also deal with the old age. It is easy to be depressed. As a good preface, the mayor quoted the advice: "remember the past, dream of the future, but live today"!" The local chief concluded his speech with words of thanks to the local associations for their voluntary work.

Father dominik kesina buried the audience at the age of 70. Unfortunately, in today’s "society of the longer life" fewer and fewer children born. It’s not how old you get, it’s how you get old," said the pastor. His protestant confrere, pastor philipp klein, said that it is not the calendar age that counts, but the biological age. Whoever finds life exciting and interesting, has fun and enjoys life and has both feet firmly on the ground, feels young. This also applies to people who eat and drink in the community or go on outings.

KAB chairman oskar hein compared aging to the maturing process of a very good wine, like a spatlese. The noble drops are a contrast to the sparkling, effervescent joy of life and creative power in the blood of life, he said. Oskar hein said that there are also dark hours. One should be grateful for every day.

The songs of the mixed choir of the "eintracht" then spread christmas spirit in the hall. The audience thanked him with hearty applause.

After the coffee break, the groups of carol singers appeared on the stage, singing christmas carols and beaming about the result of the collection campaign in the village. 3879.54 euros were collected for disadvantaged and disabled children in south america, especially in peru. The seniors in the parish hall were very generous and added 780.60 euros to the total.

The senior citizens’ day was rounded off by the original altenberger musikanten with excellently played, joyful melodies, especially from the bohemian music culture.

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