Congratulations! Leo and pauline schuppel celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary

They were never bored. They have always worked hard all their lives. Maybe that’s why pauline and leo schuppel from kitzingen have endured 60 years together: on thursday the kitzingen couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary. Leo schuppel was born in 1933 in kitzingen, germany. As the son of a trained butcher, he grew up in a rough family with six brothers and two sisters. He learned the painter’s trade at the lorenz company in kitzingen. Wife pauline, a native of obernbreiter, took up a position at the hotel "bayerischer hof" at the age of 19 to. The two of them hit it off while dancing at the local coliseum. And so on 15. November 1958 the wedding bells finally rang.

Until his retirement, leo schuppel worked as a painter for the lorenz company. His wife pauline also remained loyal to her employer: for 44 years, she was "the girl for everything in the bavarian court, where they were very much appreciated. As children, the current hotel managers katrin hofknecht and her brother peter were often guests at the schuppels’ home. Even today, they still have a cordial relationship with their "aunt and uncle", as you affectionately call the elderly couple.

Since 1960, the couple has lived in winterleitenweg, where they have built their own home. In addition to his profession, leo schuppel farmed the family vineyard together with his brother hans for many years. He was also an active member of the fire department of the city of kitzingen for 41 years. Wife pauline, meanwhile, used to enjoy traveling with her niece rosemarie on vacation.

How they managed to go through life together for 60 years? "We always worked a lot and didn’t have any time to argue, said the jubilarian with a laugh. In the meantime, the 84-year-old and her husband of one year are taking it a little easier. They still take care of their household alone, and they also do a little work in the garden, as far as their health allows. In addition to acquaintances, relatives and hotel manager katrin hofknecht, second mayor klaus heisel also congratulated the couple on their anniversary, offering a bouquet of flowers and a wine gift to express the city of kitzingen’s best wishes.

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