Children from elfershausen miss their teachers

In order to maintain contact, the teachers of the kindergarten in elfershausen regularly send mail to the children. Now the team, for its part, could enjoy many colorful pictures and messages on the kindergarten fence, which had been placed there by the children and their parents.

The kindergarten has been closed for six weeks. The children can not meet their friends, the visit to grandpa and grandma is prohibited and playgrounds are closed. The provisions to contain the corona pandemic hit children hard. In a short time your life has changed massively.

The current exit restrictions apply to everyone, but have different effects on children and adults, as the educators know. For children, the measures are still difficult to understand. "How long do I have to sleep until it’s kindergarten again??" Is a question often asked, or children in emergency care ask: "where is everyone else??"

It is a very challenging time for young and old alike. But the team of the elfershauser kindergarten was very happy about the encouraging message on the fence.

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