But a cherry festival for pretzfeld

But a cherry festival for pretzfeld

Mayor rose stark (SPD/okologen) is glad that the pretzfeld cherry festival can take place again. The previous leaseholder wolfgang romer withdrew for health reasons, so jonathan wunderlich will be the new landlord at the pretzfelder keller.

"I liked to bring tradition and modernity under one roof", explains wunderlich. What is new, for example, is that the beer tapping will already be on thursday. On this day the eighth cherry queen will be presented.

There are also two stages, the aubenbuhne and a new one in the marquee. "Drauben play then rather the traditional groups like the music association pretzfeld on thursday and sunday morning to the fruhschoppen, the wolperdinger on friday evening or the brass band gremsdorf on sunday evening", pays the festival host. For younger guests javelin will play on friday, blechhulza on saturday and X-large on monday in the marquee.
Tuesday is planned for families and children. "There should be reduced prices and for example child make-up", reports jonathan wunderlich.

The festival host is already a little excited, because the cherry festival – it will take place for the 48th time in a row – will be held on the same day. The first time it took place – is very well known in the region. He is preparing intensively with his team.

"One day before the festival all households will have a flyer with the program in the mailbox", tells wunderlich, who would like to appeal more to the young people. But also the need should not be forgotten.

83-year-old theo haas from pretzfeld, who sang the song "hans, bleib do, ma was ned wie's weda wird" ("hans, bleib do, ma was ned wie's weda wird") with his group die pretzfelder kerschtnzupfer ("the pretzfeld cherry pickers") at the first cherry festival in 1968, stands for this sang.

The festival got its name because the local cherry growers donated cherries, the local french-swiss association collected them and the "kerschtnzupfer" (cherry pluckers) sold them at the festival.

"In the past, there were the kellerbrueder: brewers who met and partied in the kellerwald", theo haas remembers. The first time on st. John's day. Later they also built a hut there. One cellar was still intact, so that beer could be served. Everybody brought his own lunch.

"Others joined in, and I played with some other village musicians. These were only "loose meetings, tells haas.

Rising popularity

Since more and more keller visitors from nurnberg, bamberg, erlangen and forchheim came to pretzfeld, it was discussed in the municipal council whether the kellerwald could not be expanded and better used. "At that time everything was overgrown and had to be reclaimed", remembers haas.

The municipality leveled part of the land and a stage and dance floor were built. Theo haas was a member of the town council at the time and had the idea of organizing a cherry festival at the beginning of july. Since this date would have coincided with the kiliani patronal festival, the festival committee decided to move the festival to the following weekend.

Most of the cherry trees had also been harvested. The proceeds of the cherry sale were used for the renovation of existing cultural monuments and chapels.

"The mayor of the time, franz och, was immediately enthusiastic; only a few councillors were against the innovation", tells theo haas.

On 20. July 1969 franz och tapped the first keg of cellar beer at the first cherry festival in bright weather at 2 p.M. Baptist rupprecht, the community worker, fired twelve bullets with a cannon. To the musical background played the waischenfelder brass band on.
"At that time, we were firmly convinced that we had created a new tradition with this cherry festival", haas remembers. And so they were right, the initiators of that time.

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