Why the segnitz fistball coach needs to let off some steam

Why the Segnitz fistball coach needs to let off some steam

The arger sab was deep and had to go out – then the coach of segnitz, uli lauck, after a wrong decision for him, hit the referee, stood two steps in the field and got a yellow card, the first ever, as he said.

"At that moment everything just came together. The scene was the valve through which i released the steam," says lauck, he explained. Because his team showed "too many unnecessary mistakes" in the 2:3 against SV tannheim, the sum total of an "avoidable defeat drove. "Nothing went right for us, both players just didn’t get into the game", reported lauck.

Coach rats about the performance low

In the third set, the segnitz girls were already leading 10:7, but still gave it away. In the decisive fifth round, however, his team was trailing 0:6 at the turn of the page, fought its way back to 8:9, but came up short without another point.

"I can’t explain how that came about. We simply could not lose the game, he advised. But since the chasing team unterhaugstett lost both games this weekend, the defeat was not so heavy after the segnitz girls won at least their second game clearly.

They defeated TSV otisheim 3:0 with rage in their bellies. "They got angry with themselves after the game against tannheim, so I didn’t have to say anything else", revealed their coach.

This sunday, 5. December, the segnitzer women expect the teams from calw and pfungstadt to the home game day in randersacker (from 11 am). The special thing about it: the calw attacker stephanie dannecker trains the pfungstadt women at the same time. "I am also curious about this unusual constellation", says lauck.

At short notice, the segnitz men canceled their matchday in the sud second division in unterpfaffenhofen (lkr. Furstenfeldbruck). The reason for the non-appearance was a positive corona test in the team.

Segnitzer home game day to take place

"We have decided for us that we will not go there. Actually, we had to play, but the responsibility for everyone’s health comes first, so we didn’t take this risk", said trainer chris lauck. Whether the two scheduled games against neugabolz and unterpfaffenhofen will be repeated or scored against segnitz will be decided by the responsible league director "as soon as all the documents from segnitz are available", he announced on the association’s website.

For the upcoming home match day – the men will play already on saturday, 4. December, from 15 o’clock – the two coaches were optimistic that this could take place. However, the basis for all those who want to go to the hall, whether players or spectators, is "2G".

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