Who won the ubiz 30-day challenge

Who won the ubiz 30-day challenge

From may to august, the environmental education center (ubiz) called on people to identify an area of their daily lives that should be changed for 30 days to make it more sustainable as part of the ubiz 30-day jubilee challenge. From the entries, three winners were selected who had taken on very different challenges.

"What i find particularly great is that there are also two very young participants," points out petra sommer, head of the ubiz. "We naturally perceive that the younger generation is becoming more alert and responsible in many of these areas. All the more we were pleased about these contributions ."

One of the young winners is tonia (15), who ate no animal products for 30 days. "Actually, cooking vegan is not difficult at all, as long as you cook for yourself. On the contrary, trying new recipes has given me great pleasure, and finding alternatives is easier than you first think."Jule (15) is also accustomed to questioning consumption and her own actions through her family. Not only did they set a goal for the 30 days, but they also tackled many small and rough projects. In addition to planting a basic roof, plastic-free shopping or using second-hand stores for clothing, she also makes sure to plant local varieties of vegetables outside of the challenge period or to avoid palm oil in food products.

More independence is also the goal of the schumm family, who installed and connected their photovoltaic system during the challenge. "We have been trying to conserve resources and rethink our everyday lives for a long time," describe anja and manuel schumm. "The photovoltaic project was the logical step for us after we bought an electric car, which we want to charge with self-generated, climate-friendly electricity. This became our family project, which we then implemented with a local specialist company..

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