The will of the hc-reserve is stronger

The will of the hc-reserve is stronger

By a convincing derby victory the second man’s team of the HC forchheim rises into the district league, also, because the HC-reserve the victory in the crucial play somewhat more "wanted" when the host.

SV buckenhofen II – HC forchheim II 21:27 (13:15)

the HC started biting and was quickly able to conquer some balls. In the attack, franz gartner scored twice and also brought his teammates well into the scene. After the HC-second took a quick 4:1 lead, the buckis changed their defense, which immediately caused some chaos in the attacking game of the forchheimer. The hosts even took the lead due to some uncorked moves.

Now was the time for hcler matthias ochs, who played a strong game in attack and defense and scored again and again (eleven goals). The HC-second used now the gaps of the offensive defense of the opponent more consistently and continued to impress with fast legs in defense (15:13).

The team of HC coach kalle ladwig presented itself wide awake also after the break. With fast counters they pulled away to 18:13. But the buckis did not give up yet, the team showed morale and fought back through goals from black uber rechtsauben and the circle summerer and sauer approached. A counter-attack by deittert meant the tie at 20:21.

But even this short hanger could compensate the HC-second. With the help of an outstanding frank albrecht in goal, the hc defense stepped up its game once again and only managed to put one more ball in its own net in the following period. After a five-goal run, the game was finally decided and the jubilation on the HC bench was immense.

In the end, the forchheimer acted more biting and showed probably their best performance of the season, while the buckenhofer did not have their best day.

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