Tens of thousands demonstrate for democracy in budapest

Tens of thousands demonstrate for democracy in budapest

Under the motto "we are the majority", the participants demanded a re-distribution of votes in the parliamentary elections on 8. April, a change in the electoral law and the safeguarding of freedom of the press. The rally was called for by non-partisan activists.

The parliamentary elections were clearly won by the right-wing nationalist fidesz party of prime minister viktor orban. According to the election commission on saturday, she got 49.9 percent of the vote. Due to the electoral law, which favors the strongest voting force without disqualification, fidesz won 134 of 199 parliamentary seats and thus a constitutional two-thirds majority.

In recent days, there have been increasing reports of irregularities in the payment of votes at a number of polling stations, which have benefited fidesz. According to experts, these alleged manipulations were not decisive for the elections.

The election result shocked young people in hungary in particular. In internet forums, many expressed the desire to leave the country.

Critics accuse orban of dismantling democracy, suppressing independent media and systematic corruption. One of the first things orban wants to do after his re-election is to pass legislation that would make it impossible for independent civil organizations to operate.

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