Paper art in the shop window

Paper art in the shop window

If you walk through kronach at the moment, the shop windows of optik lindlein will catch your eye. Here you can admire an unusual art project from the kaspar-zeub-gymnasium for four weeks. Students from the twelfth grade made filigree paper hats that have now found a new purpose as decoration. The impressive handicrafts look particularly good when mounted on styrofoam heads.

"The schoolgirls have put an enormous amount of time and even more heart and soul into the matter", explains silke weber, the supervising art educator. With a lot of passion and attention to detail, they designed the hats according to different themes such as nature or the sea. Last year, they had already shown what can be made out of paper – in the end, the hats were the result. "Then we have folded, cut, knurled or braided", tells a schoolgirl. They even used origami folding techniques.

Now the works of art are made available to the public and serve to decorate the shop windows, because the colorful glasses come out very well on the white background. "It’s amazing what the schoolgirls have conjured up in their lessons! In our windows and in the store we give you the platform to present your masterpieces", owner nadja weinmann is pleased about the cooperation with the kaspar-zeub high school. "Who liked, can also buy the hat", added a schoolgirl.

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