Excavator knocks out the power in hochstadt

Suddenly the lights went out, PC screens went dark, telephone systems no longer made any noise. On thursday morning around 11.3 p.M. The electricity in hochstadt was suddenly gone. In apartments and buildings, people were left in the dark or went out onto the street to see if their neighbors still had their lights on. Relief when they realized that the others were also affected by the power outage. They also saw that traffic lights remained black.

In the midst of the collapsed power grid, the hochstadt district hospital st. Anna. But the lights only went out there for a short time. Within ten seconds, the emergency power supply came back on, reported the company’s technician heiko meller. In the operating rooms, there was no sign of the outage anyway. The transition from normal operation to emergency power is bridged with a battery. Vital equipment thus had energy available continuously.

Lately, power fluctuations have been a problem for the building services technician. During eon of "power reductions" talk, the power is completely gone for him for a short time.

The bakery bachmeier was also temporarily without power. Not only did the fully automatic coffee machine fail, but also the cooling of perishable goods such as cream and other ingredients. That’s why christina neubert was a little worried if the power outage lasted longer. But she no longer had to bake: "thank god we were through", said the master baker.

The cause of the power outage on thursday morning was quickly identified by the eon technicians. Esther knemeyer pereira, eon’s press officer for franconia, reported on request that an excavator had damaged a cable at the high school construction site in hochstadt.

26 stations in the city of hochstadt were affected by the incident. From 11.30 o’clock, these were switched back on train by train. Only the high school itself had to do without electrical power for a long time because the excavator had also caught a low-voltage cable.

The damage had occurred in the area where the old intermediate building of the gymnasium stood until recently. When trying to lever out the concrete floor slab, the power cables were obviously in the way. The builders had expected these to be much deeper in the ground.

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